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Get trained by experts who have  worked  at VP & GM levels and  have cumulative experience of 45 years in multiple domains.

The following  are  typical cases that should give you an idea of  our  “working” student profiles and their different needs / problems. We have handled over 125 working executives and managers and have gained mastery on  solving  various  issues faced by them . We have worked on candidates ranging in age from 24 to 52, and working in positions from Junior Executive to even a  company President and also handled several VPs & GMs . Our  well structured 10-12 one to one sessions  & the 4 to 6 group sessions  solve their individual problems faced by our students  and certainly develop their personalities .

1. A 22 year old Aviation Engineer from U.K. also holding a Pilot's license, who wanted to crack the entrance GD and interviews of leading airlines of the world.
2. A 30 year old production engineer who wanted to move out from the shop floor and get into sales and who wanted to improve his communication skills.

3. A 32 year old insurance sales manager who wanted to take charge of the meetings she had to conduct with a lot of  sales executives who were unruly and vociferous.

4. A 21 year old MBA student who wanted to master his presentation skills.

5. A 50 year old VP (Finance ) from a very large public limited company who wanted to tackle a lot of colleagues who criticised his presentations skills & the manner in which he faced the top management, so as to defend his decisions/ work.

6. A 25 year old Pharma executive who was troubled a  lot by her 28 year old immature boss and wanted to handle him correctly and firmly.

7. A Project Manager from a large and reputed software company who wanted to hone his presentation and interaction skills with international clients.

8. A lecturer in Pharmacy college who wanted to improve his lecturing skills and interact with MNC’s as a part of his PhD research.

9. A 28 year old production engineer who was not finding an appropriate job as he was getting disqualified in interviews and wanted to improve his communication .

10. A 30 year old lady chartered accountant who had to make several presentations to the top management about her work & business proposals but  lacked the confidence in talking to seniors.

11. A 35 year old civil engineer in project management who was having a tough time dealing with his clients.

12. A 38 year old chartered accountant in a top position in a reputed group who wanted to improve his communication skills, accent and overcome an inferiority complex

13. A 30 year old MSc lecturer in private tutorial classes who wanted a job in a college and wanting to improve her lecturing skills and become  more confident.

14. A 44 year old production engineer who had moved from the outskirts of Pune to Mumbai and who had taken up a  new job, and who wanted a drastic improvement in English  communication and Interpersonal skills.

15. A 28 year old BPO /ITES employee who wanted a job confirmation and promotion and had to clear the communication testing and English speaking and accent testing  round for securing the same.

16. A 24 year old articled clerk doing his CA who wanted to excel in interviews.

17. A 32 year old inter CA accountant from a large construction company who wanted to excel in interpersonal skills required in  at the work place, including presentation and communication skills.

18. A 30 year old department head from a BPO who wanted to improve his interaction with clients from the western world..

19. A 33 year old Market Research manager who worked in Singapore & Malaysia for 8 years and who wanted to fine tune and excel his presentation skills and join the world’s largest market research company.

 20. An ICSE All India 6th Rank holder  who has ambitions of making it to the IAS and who wanted to improve her soft skills.

21. A 23 year old dentist who wanted to join as a lecturer in Mumbai University & needed confidence in speaking in public. ​

22. A 24 year old law intern who wanted to improve her debating skills keeping in mind her legal career,

 23. A 36 year old shop floor manager  from a very reputed group who was stuck in a production role and who was not  progressing in his career , and who wanted  a complete change in his personality.

24. A 32 year old production engineer from a  extremely well know automobile company who wanted to move up the corporate ladder but felt that he lacks the necessary soft skills.

 25. A  27 year old project engineer from a  private limited fabrication company who felt he was stuck in his job and wanted to improve his personality so that he can move onto a larger well known public limited company.


Personality Development and Leadership Skills For Working Professionals ( Age 22 upwards till 55 )  

 Our speciality is personality development for executives and managers from various industries and services such as Pharma, Engineering, Information technology/ Software development, Banking, Finance & Accounts, Hospitality Industry, Education, Sales, Marketing, Advertising & Market Research, Human Resources, and others. Our capability lies in understanding the interpersonal situations arising in several workplaces and at various positions from Executive level to Top Management.

Each student is required and encouraged to bring to the table actual situations in his/her office that affect his/her existence and relations with clients,  peers, subordinates  & superiors. Role plays, presentations, mock interviews & appraisals and difficult interpersonal situations are skillfully re-created- basis our vast experience-and the candidate is trained to face such situations with great confidence.  We ask students from time to time to make presentations on their work /specialization to us and help them excel in the same. We also have deliberations on their area of work- wherever possible.

Our “working students” hail from various industries and services. We have trained over
 300  candidates who were  Junior Executives, Managers, Senior Managers, General Managers, AVPs,  VPs,  all handling different corporate functions and even a President of a very large and well-known group, and a Managing Director of a Rs 40 crore private limited company.

Our first session ( after signing up ) has a number of tests to evaluate your personality in office situations. We will test your confidence levels, assertiveness,  proficiency of the English language , speaking/ conversation  skills, public speaking skills, list a number of situations in office and ask you how you face them, check out your fears in handling bosses, subordinates & colleagues, check your interaction in meetings, and  your affability with people . From the second session, we take charge of you, after we have defined a course of action on how you will tackle the problems we have identified in you. Our experience is that roughly 60% of the students have common problems, and the rest do have some unique issues arising for many different reasons.

                                                      WHAT CHANGES YOU CAN NORMALLY EXPECT AFTER OUR TRAINING ?

You will develop the ability to make good presentations with confidence to your superiors in office and even to business clients.

You will be able to stand in front of your  office colleagues / clients and talk with confidence.

You will become more assertive in dealing with your bosses, subordinates & colleagues and also  your clients.

There will be a distinct improvement in your English if you ensure all our instructions are followed.

We will train you how to react & not react as well to certain difficult situations that one normally  faces in his/her  job/ career.

You will gel well with any type of people in your office .

You will be able to speak easily and confidently with intelligent content in any office function/ event/ parties etc.

We will help you to improve  your  language  with  good business vocabulary / “office slang” to make your presentations/ speech /discussions and emails more business savvy.

You will be able to say NO with confidence to situations that are not favorable to you and to which you do not agree, and explain  and justify 
your decisions when asked to.

You will be able to challenge people making statements that you do not agree to.

You will be able to handle sarcasm/ criticism and react intelligently & make your points with confidence.

We will conduct mock interviews to help you progress in your organization / career and also practice for forthcoming job interviews.

We can discuss many live and real time situations that you are facing in your office/ job/ career- which could be related to your work content  or which could be an interpersonal issue or could be an issue with your boss’s behavior / politics and of course it could have something to do with your own personality.

And Yes, we will try and teach you how to create some nuisance value for yourself which is essential in certain organizations or in some situations !

Special focus on I.T. and I.T.E.S. managers 

We have trained managers and executive from several IT/ ITES companies in various areas of personality development, soft skills, critical thinking, and expression skills and in advanced spoken English. We have trained IT professionals from other companies too.

TCS                UBS

Capgemini      eClerx

Accenture       Netmagic 

Cognizant       Wills Towers Watson 

ATOS              Paramount Health Services

Lanxess          Infodrive Analytics 

L&T Infotech   Aurion Solutions

Sungard          Sterling Information

Morningstar     Aarav ITES 








Palladium Networks

Merce Technologies


Technicas Reunidas                            Toyo India                       St. Xavier's College               
Ernst & Young and PWC                     Fortis Hospitals               IIT Mumbai                                   
Larsen & Toubro                                  Lanxess                          VJTI                                      
TCS                                                     HDFC Ergo                     BITS Pilani                             
Tech Mahindra                                    Thokeim India                  BITS Pilani Goa     
Capgemini                                           Airtel                                MIT, Manipal                                         
Accenture                                            Godrej                             NIT, Surathkal
Yaskawa India( L&T)                           Tata Capital                    Pillai Group (Panvel)
Reliance Industries Ltd.                       Flipkart                           R.A.
Podar ( BBA )
Cognizant                                            Reliance Capital 
Reliance Telecom                                Morning Star                   INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
Reliance Life Sciences Ltd                  TISS                                Ipsos Asia Pacific (Singapore )
UBS                                                     Jones Lang LaSalle        NIMR AUTOMOTIVE ( UAE ) 
Wipro                                                   Morgan Stanley               Pixel Digital Systems ( UAE )
Shapoorji  Pallonji                                New Zealand Consulate   
Nokia                                                   Palladium Networks        Infodrive Analytics                             
Airtel                                                    D Mart                             Merce Technologies
Technologies                        Netmagic ( A NTT Communications Co ) 
Burns & McDonnell India                     IndiaInfoline                    Herbalife
ICICI Bank                                           Willis Towers Watson      SVC Bank
Sewells Group ( Australian MNC )      Majesco ( Part of Mastek earlier )
Sungard ( US  I.T. Multinational)         Kotak Mahindra Prime    Saraswat Bank
ACC ( Holcim )                                    Paramount Health Services-TPA
MSEDCL                                             O.P. Jindal Univ. Narela - BBA
Mumbai University Colleges               Engg. Colleges in Mumbai /Thane/Navi Mumbai    
Pune University Colleges                    NMIMS- MBA                  AXIS BanK
Hewlett Packard                                  Sydenham College         Sterling  Information Resources
Lechler India (German Multinational) SIES Management          VFS  Global        
Linde (German Multinational )            JK Singhania School XIIth
Alembic (Pharma )                              eClerx ( KPO/BPO)         
BS/MS Students headed to :
K. Raheja Group                                 Saujanya Chemicals       
Texas A&M University        
Chartered Accountants- 15 nos          Mahimtura Consultants   
University of Delaware   
SGS India                                           DY Patil Univ.                  
University of Texas at Dallas              
Prothious Engineering                        Kohinoor Hotel Mgmt.     
Queensland Institute of Technology                 Mahindra & Mahindra ( Dolvi Works ) Aurion Solutions                                     
SAP & I.T. Hardware consultants       MYG Engg Services       Foreign University Students:

Doctors & Dentists                              K-LINE(Shipping)           
University of Missouri (MS Student ) 
Pilot/ Aviation Engineer ( Qatar Airways)                                 
 Curtin University, Malaysia                             

Kotak Mahindra Prime                        IIFL

Director of a Pvt Ltd Refrigeration equipment company           GS Medical College (KEM)

Director of a Pvt Ltd Architectural Firm                                     VG Vaze ( Kelkar )College 

VKL Seasoning Pvt. Ltd.                                                           VIT- Vellore Institute of Technology

Devatech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.                                                   Somaiya College BBA students

Precihole Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.                                            Director of School Toppers Institute

Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd.      Hallmark Automotive

IL&FS                                                   Westerly Retail (Blackstone Group ) 

Voltas International Ltd.                       Genrui Biotech Inc.

BRENNAN IT ( Australian Company ) National Stock Exchange ( NSE )

HDFC BANK                                        AECOM USA 


It is very common nowadays to see talented people getting out of work or losing a job and having very few options as far as work and business is concerned. Even people in early & late forties are becoming part of this phenomenon which was earlier restricted to people in their fifties. Why are educated and “qualified” people seeing difficult days like these? Is it that they were bad in their work ? The answer is NO. What does one do to avoid this situation, where so called educated & qualified people are in over supply and techno savvy younger people are taking over jobs of the older people at lesser salaries ?

As one matures in his work in any organization, and goes up the hierarchy, his contribution shifts into delegating , directing and guiding younger people in their work. His work becomes less of a “hands on” execution of a task, but more of extracting work from other skilled persons. He soon assumes leadership and a team building role to achieve results rather than involving himself in the finer details.

At this higher level, your confidence, leadership skills, communication skills, other soft skills, motivational abilities, and general team building abilities count a lot. Not all managers are leaders, but leaders could become great managers. To move beyond a particular level in any organization you do need a wide range of skills and not just be an expert in your area of work.

These skills also matter a lot while interacting with clients, and while handling client facing roles. Your top management is certainly keeping a close look into all your abilities.

The higher level positions thus need an excellent personality and good soft skills.
As and when you grow up in stature in a Company, you move from being a skilled specialist into a skilled supervisor, and then a leader, a motivator & a guide. In short you have started mentoring people. If you do not go through these phases gradually , you perhaps are not really a senior management person.

Do look at the following age related progress expected from your side if you are to really succeed well in your career on a long term. It is also assumed that you know your core work well , such as Engineering, Supply Chain, Sales, Accounts, Finance, etc.

Age 23- 25 Trainee ( Learner )

Age 26-30 Asst. Manager / Manager ( Hard working, ground level operative , delivering results)

Age 30-40 A mature “senior manager / head of a department” with 5 to 20 people reporting to you. You play a detailed business role, supervising a team to deliver results. You do a part of the work, and oversee others doing the same for overall results. You build networks. You are improving very fast in your soft skills as well, and also on the way to become a better personality.

Age 40-45 Leader, motivator, team builder. You start having an overall control of the operations. You direct managers and future leaders . You have developed excellent presentation skills, meeting co-ordination skills by this time, and you have good soft skills at this stage. You have excellent networking skills by this time. Sr. GM / VP level designations.

Age 50-58 Leader, Motivator, Team Builder, Advisor, Guide / All aspects of mentoring …here you start being an important pillar of the company. Here you guide the senior managers . The positions that you normally are in :President/ COO/ CEO .

In this modern and competitive world, perhaps many people will be out of the Rat Race or will not be “in sync” with the requirements/ or will not really progress well in their career beginning their 40’s. This is not due to not having technical / professional skills, but because falling short of leadership , personality & soft skills. Even those with very good technical / professional skills may get stuck in their careers at this stage and find that they are not progressing.

For this survival , the senior managers/ top management personnel must have developed in them- by the time they are 40 , several essential aspects of a great personality, have excellent soft skills and more importantly great leadership skills. You have to accept that whatever specific technical work you can do, perhaps a much younger person can do it (do better as well ) – at a much lesser cost. Hence you need to contribute in a much different way with your work experience. which much younger people just cannot. At the higher level of management you need to be business oriented, people oriented, client oriented, have excellent contacts – business & social, have excellent networking skills and have great directional skills. You should not be doing too much work much yourself – ( you are not expected to do that ) and you need not be a specialist of more than one areas, but you need to get the work done from others as there are a lot many things to accomplish in a short time. This is the time you are “Creating Managers” in your organization from a long term perspective of your Company. In short, you must be a great personality yourself by this time, a leader and a motivator first. When you get elevated to top level management positions, ask yourself if you have these qualities.

When you lose a job , keep in mind you will get a better one with your personality and leadership abilities rather than one particular skill- because just that skill will be with many younger people, working at half your cost. Also while moving from one career to another or from one type of job to another- you will need to be a good leader with good personality traits and soft skills. It’s a very competitive world that we are living in. While technology can be a game changer, it can close down some businesses and wipe out many roles and positions, also competition can destroy your company. BUT nothing can affect your ability to make a come back or find another job if you have wide ranging qualities. It’s not so easy to be a specialist till you are 58, but it is possible to be a leader, a team builder, a great supervisor and a great motivator guiding other managers and specialists.

Written by
Dinesh Bandiwadekar
Director Persona Academy

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           The background of our students

We have graduates, undergraduates, production engineers, safety engineers, sales engineers, pharmacy graduates, project engineers, software professionals, lecturers, technocrats, MBAs, dentists, doctors, lawyers, marketing professionals, CA’s , finance professionals, aviation engineer/pilot, and a few others who have come to us and benefited from our training. Irrespective of their economic background, education- Vernacular/ English Medium/ Convent school background- we have made a phenomenal difference to their personalities.

Understand Yourself, Challenge Yourself, Trust Yourself,and Change Yourself

 PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT  REDEFINED - A personalised 1-on-1 approach
Emphasis on Leadership Skills, Soft Skills, Critical Thinking,  Advanced Spoken English, Interview Skills, Handling Office Politics and Career Issues