Understand Yourself, Challenge Yourself, Trust Yourself,and Change Yourself

 PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT  REDEFINED - A personalised 1-on-1 approach
Emphasis on Leadership Skills, Personality Development, Soft Skills, Critical Thinking ,Career  & Office Issues and  Advanced Spoken English for working professionals

​​​​Our Trainers

Get trained by experts who have  worked  at VP & GM levels and  have cumulative experience of 45 years in multiple domains.

Some of our past debate / discussion topics have been on

1. Whether on line education is better than offline.

2. Whether we need the HST- The High Speed Bullet Trains

3. Should active Euthanasia be permitted in India?

4. Should military training be made compulsory

5. Do we need to revamp the IAS

6. Do we need to have a lateral entry for senior positions in Government 

7. Have we made a monster out of the English language  in India

                  Old and time tested methods.

               New method as per client demands - post  pandemic

                                           CHARGES/ FEES

As a participant:

Rs 500 only as one time registration fees

Rs 300 only per session / debate/ discussion in group

Rs 1000 per session for a 1 to 1 discussion with Dinesh Bandiwadekar

As a moderator of group discussion:

( accepted after a prior personal interaction )

Rs 1000 only as one time registration fees 
Rs 500 only per session / debate/ discussion in group

                -Code of conduct will be mailed on request-

Anant The Endless

(  Discussion , Debates, Arguments, Analysis)

( The new On-line debate and discussion forum of Persona Academy )


This is a new online discussion and debating forum that starts on 21st July 2021 in memory of my dear friend Anant Khanolkar, from Boston, USA –on his first death anniversary. Anant was an expert arguer and a great debate and would take any meaningful argument really forward. Anant the Endlessis an attempt take your discussion and argument skills forward – with me and my colleagues.

What we can discuss is any topic that is relevant in the current times- Higher Education, Work and Career Related Issues, Technology, Governance, Nation Building, Skill Development, Personal development……You can suggest a topic too !

Each discussion will last for about 45 minutes, maximum 1.5 hours.

Past discussions/ debates on a Face To Face basis/ in Groups (physical presence) have been on various topics. We meet on Google Meet.

There is a one time registration fee of Rs 500 only ( Overseas USD 10 ). You are free to suggest any topic and also get a team to discuss. I will be the moderator.  If you are an expert, I can rope you as an moderator. ( At this point of time no fees/ charges will be paid).

Do write to us to let us know your interest so that we can send you an invite for the next on line discussion ( 1 on 1 / group )