Career Planning, Career Remediation  & Return to Work programme for Housewives and Young Mothers

Time and again we have come across working executives and those "between jobs" who have lost track of their career paths or have "hit a wall " in their careers and jobs. We also meet many housewives who want to get back to work after long gaps dedicated to family priorities like nurturing small kids.

Our tailor-made training helps you overcome issues within yourself and the external situations in your job environment. A lot of experts will tell you about your problems and analyze why you are in such a situation.  We too would do that but we will work on a training that gives you a workable solution.  The solution is based on improving your abilities to perform,  improve your confidence levels and develop extensive interpersonal skills. 

Remediation in your career path and career recovery is based on developing many skills. Many students who had given up on studies and many employees who had lost interest in jobs have been through our remediation modules to look at life in a new perspective. Career counseling and review is an integral part of the training. 

Housewives- Return to Work Programme 

Director's Wives - Get back to office & run the show

We have also trained housewives to get back to work with confidence,  and also have trained wives of directors to gain interpersonal / office and corporate skills and manage to work and their businesses after long gaps.  Many have returned to work with great confidence.  Company owners have been surprised how well and how fast their spouses have integrated into their businesses after long gaps dedicated to other family priorities.
The training also involves improvement in business knowledge and can be structured on a continuous basis after initial training is completed.

Please call us with to discuss your specific problems/needs:

Dinesh Bandiwadekar  

Director -Persona Academy 

Mob: 9619545460

You can also call  Rajashree Maám  ( B.Com, AICWA (ACMA) ) ( also a Director ) on 9619545461 

Guidance for On-Line courses

Depending on your personality, and your soft skills; we can guide you to do your own career planning and help you select best courses available online on Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Edx, Byjus etc.

We have done more than  15 online courses from American & other Universities ourselves in various subjects and will help you pick up the most relevant courses to enhance your knowledge, your CV and career prospects. This can be a part of your 16 sessions course wherein we will discuss what could be best for you in your budget.  Here are some few courses that we can advise you about:


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Understand Yourself, Challenge Yourself, Trust Yourself,and Change Yourself

​​​Our Trainers

Get trained by experts who have  worked  at VP & GM levels and  have cumulative experience of 45 years in multiple domains.

 PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT  REDEFINED - A personalised 1-on-1 approach
Emphasis on Leadership Skills, Soft Skills, Critical Thinking, Cognitive Skills, Accelerated Learning, Office Politics & Career Issues