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 PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT  REDEFINED - A personalised 1-on-1 approach
Emphasis on Leadership Skills, Soft Skills, Critical Thinking, Cognitive Skills, Accelerated Learning, Office Politics & Career Issues 

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Get trained by experts who have  worked  at VP & GM levels and  have cumulative experience of 45 years in multiple domains.


I am Pankaj Mishra and I am a Chartered Accountant. The profession of Chartered Accountancy is known for its rigorous  & comprehensive curriculum in the domain of finance which has made it one of the most sought-after career choice. Role of a CA varies from that of an auditor to an investment banker, a fund manager, a risk assessor  /manager or a financial controller. These roles need a very high standard of technical skills as well as soft skills.  
Today's corporate world needs polished soft skills which include critical thinking, debating

and negotiation techniques, presentation skills, public speaking, collaboration & influencing techniques etc.  
The CA curriculum & training provides the requisite technical expertise but one needs to develop other skills too to succeed in today's corporate world. 
I have always tried to develop these skills but I needed a good trained & experienced professional to help me. It is said that learning should never stop and I found Persona Academy on the internet & thought it suitable to enhance my skills set.  
My learning at Persona Academy has been simply a great experience & I started seeing improvement in the way I spoke at meetings or at any public speaking forum.  
Mr. Bandiwadekar had been at senior positions in the corporate world in India and abroad and his experience helped me extensively to hone my skills set. 
I would strongly recommend any Chartered Accountant and students of Chartered Accountancy to visit Persona  Academy and go through the tailor-made courses for enhancing soft skills and for developing their personalities.

Thanks to Persona Academy !!

Pankaj Mishra, ACA  


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Training for  Senior management professionals  ( GM to CEO / MD level )
 We have trained candidates at the following senior levels:

  • President of  one of the companies from the largest business groups in India
  • VP ( Finance ) of one of the most reputed groups of companies in India
  • VP from a top ranking private sector insurance company
  • AVP ( Finance ) of a large consumer finance company
  • Over 10  ACAs  & AICWAs from the corporate sector who held positions from GM to Sr.VP.
  • AVP Operations from a multinational real estate advisory firm/ project management firm
  • Several General Manager / AGMs in different functions such as Accounting & Finance, Banking, Operations,                           Sales & Marketing
  • A top-level market research person from a global market research company from Singapore ( Indian national )
  • Very senior level software & data warehousing & I.T.  professionals ( 15+ years experience )from large multinational and Indian companies
  • 3 company owner- directors with company turnover in excess of Rs 40 Crores.

The training was extremely focused on understanding & solving specific issues of the candidates related to their PAIN AREAS. We have helped build Presentation skills, review  their individual Promotion issues / appraisal meetings, Social skills in office/ meetings, Accent, Interview skills, Interviewing skills, interpersonal issues faced by them, Video conferencing issues, tackling presentation skills for significant clients and conducting real-time- actual practical / practice sessions prior to the engagements and improving office jargon / idiom skills. 

We have identified  weaknesses and the requests and studied their thought processes and after that developed modules lasting 10 to 20 hours to rectify their weaknesses. We have even trained top management professionals to hold the fort for a couple of hours at Strategy Meets and Town Halls.

Training for  IT / ITES  professionals

Training for Senior management professionals ( GM to CEO / MD level ). We have trained candidates at middle management & even senior positions,including CAs, ICWAs, MBAs in their personality development endeavours.


Special focus on I.T. and I.T.E.S. managers 

We have trained managers and executive from several IT/ ITES companies in various areas of personality development, soft skills, critical thinking, and expression skills and in advanced spoken English. We have trained IT professionals from other companies too.

TCS                UBS

Capgemini      eClerx

Accenture       Netmagic 

Cognizant       Wills Towers Watson 

ATOS              Paramount Health Services

Lanxess          Infodrive Analytics 

L&T Infotech   Aurion Solutions

Sungard          Sterling Information









Palladium Networks

Merce Technologies

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Here is a sample of a tailor-made programme (1 to 1 sessions ) in Leadership development, Personality Development & Soft Skills training designed for a VP level candidate from an Indian corporate involved in Sales & Marketing.

Are you a senior or mid-management level  IT professional with a software background, considering moving into the consulting domain, but feel that you lack several soft skills/presentation skills necessary for roles in the consulting domain? Let me help you with specialised training.

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Testimonial from senior management professionals from the Corporate World - about our Senior Management Leadership Training