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 PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT  REDEFINED - A personalised 1-on-1 approach
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Guidance for International Certifications and CV Writing

We will help you write a REALISTIC and IMPRESSIVE CV. Most CVs written by others for you are in most cases never in line with your true self.  Either it can be made out immediately that it is a fabricated CV written by an agency OR within 3 minutes of an interview the interviewer can make that out.

E.g. When I interviewed candidates for jobs such as  HR managers,  all candidates seemed to have the same standard content in their CVs.   During the interview process, it was clear that most of the persons had no idea of many things written in the CV. 

Meet us or talk to us, and only then we will write your CV that will help you open doors to good companies and your target jobs.  Let us highlight your experience, use the most relevant keywords    ( without an overdose ) and make it in line with your real-time abilities and skills.

The fees for this service are Rs. 2000/- for a senior management position, Rs. 1500/- for middle management and Rs. 1000/- for juniors level positions.

Mock/ Practice interview

For a dummy interview session of 1 hour, that will include speaking tips for you, AFTER  the CV is written for you, we will charge you an ADDITIONAL Rs. 1500/-.

Here’s a reason why you should be prepared.-  I have interviewed a lot of Fresh Engineers for entry-level positions.  All had written about the project that they had done in their Final Year. However just 20% could elaborate properly what the project meant, it’s significance,  its applications, what was their role in the group that did the project. We prepare you for such situations.

Note: All charges are to be paid fully in advance.

How do we go about this?

  1. Call me and discuss what you do.
  2. Send me your current CV/ profile
  3. Remit the payment in full for the CV writing service.
  4. After you have remitted the money, talk to me / meet me to discuss your career plan, likes, dislikes, ambitions, your SWOT, your industry, and other job-related issues including your current & expected CTC. This is going to take about 30 minutes.
  5. I will send you the modified CV in 7 days time.
  6. If you need a mock / dummy interview session as discussed above which will last for one hour, please remit money/ pay cash after scheduling an appointment.
  7. We will have a one-hour session that will include an interview and tips for excelling in the real interviews, improve your spoken content, and body language and discuss a career plan ( if you need to make one ). We will try to give you a career direction.

My writing Credentials  

Let a person with 30 years of working experience in corporates / the private sector draft a realistic CV for you. I have worked for 20 years in India and 10 years overseas, having reached VP level positions

Also, I am a published writer, having written for over 20 trade magazines internationally.  I have topmost scores in international English testing exams:  653 ( 99 % ) in TOEFL( 1991) & Bands 8's & 9's scores in IELTS ( 2004 ). I have also written for the Times of India on multiple occasions. I have been a contributor to the American Marketing Association's  ( AMA ) journal - The Marketing Educator. I also worked as the Hon. Consulting Editor of the ARAB CONSTRUCTION WORLD magazine published from Lebanon from 2001-2003. I was also a member of the Construction Writers Association, ( of USA ) which is an organization based in Illinois, USA. 

In 2002, I  was invited to write an article on "'Dubai- An International Hub for Building products" for a special publication "CONSTRUCTION FOCUS"  from a UK based publishing house on Dubai's then Crown Prince H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The publication highlighted Dubai's construction industry and infrastructure.

 I have also edited/published corporate magazines ( where I worked ) for over 10 years.

 Let an expert handle your case.

Please do visit my Blog: https://technology5378.wordpress.com

Write to Personaacademy7@gmail.com  or speak to me on  9619545460

Dinesh Bandiwadekar


Persona Skill Development Institute 


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