I am Afaque Usman Katil, working as a design engineer in a well known company in U.A.E., manufacturing state-of-the-art armored  vehicles for various armies around the world . I traveled to Thane  for the specialized course in "Persona for Engineers'', and it was a great experience for me to learn many aspects of personality development and soft skills, presentation skills,  group discussions and debating in a very effective manner.  

I also learnt to coordinate meetings like kick off meetings, engage in arguments and negotiations, compere office programmes, and present to teams of clients- all with the unique techniques Mr. Dinesh has skillfully developed from his personal experiences.

I highly recommend this course to all engineers and also others who wish to improve their personalities, soft skills and critical thinking in an accelerated mode of learning. The skills that I learnt are highly effective in the modern office environment, specially for engineers aiming at top techno-managerial positions .

Er. Afaque Usman Katil

Book launched by Shri Atul Bhobe, MD of TPF Engg. Pvt. Ltd.

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The world over, technical skills are highly valued and management skills come as a supplement or naturally. But in India, it seems that even good Engineers prefer avoiding engineering work & even right at the beginning of their careers, they move into so-called management functions like Finance, Investment Banking, Marketing, Advertising; all but digressing into a different world altogether- & yet they claim to be Engineers!  On the other hand, in all developed countries, to be called a Manager & to be leading an organization as a President or CEO,  technical skills are most highly valued. First priority is the technical skills for success and then come to the other functional skills...........  But soon things will change in India with the globalization of engineering that is happening.  Persona Academy’s ENGINEERING LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME aims to develop skills in our Engineers which will take them to the top techno-commercial & leadership roles in their organisations.




    We have trained core Engineers                                    working in

  • Larsen & Toubro,
  • ​Technicas Reunidas
  • Reliance
  • Toyo India
  • Mahindra & Mahindra,
  • Godrej & Boyce,
  • Tokheim India, 
  • Yaskawa India, 
  • Burns & McDonnell India, 
  • Ingenero Technologies
  • Mahimtura Consultants 
  • Lechler India

             and many other companies

We have trained post graduate/ graduate students from

  • VJTI,

  • IIT- Mumbai

  • BITS Pilani,

  • BITS Pilani -Goa

  • NIT- Surathkal

  • MIT- Manipal

  • Govt. College of Engineering, Karad, 

  • A.P. Shah Institute of Technology, Thane;

  • Father Agnel, Vashi  

  • SIES Graduate School of Engineering, Nerul  


​  Communication, Soft Skills and    Personality testing of candidates from Industry

We undertake testing of candidates working in the Engineering, Software and Services sector for identifying their soft skills and personality ratings. Based on our practical working experience in Sales, Marketing & Business Development of 30 years, we test your candidates on the following parameters keeping in mind mainly the English language:

  • Verbal Interaction Skills
  • Sales Skills
  • Power Point Presentation Skills
  • Group Discussion Skills
  • Case Study presentation skills
  • Vocabulary testing ( Emphasis on Business Vocabulary )
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Email drafting & written communication skills

For Organisations & Companies

We welcome private manufacturing 

organisations / SSI units, and engineering consultancy companies to send us their engineers who are good in their technical

work, and whom the organisation wants to groom into an all round personality who can represent the company for BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, MARKETING & SALES. We will turn them around to be great salespersons with a strong technical background. You will not have to hire new staff and  MBA's for marketing/ sales/ BD .

Join the 

Persona Academy






The Engineering Scenario in the next 30 years

and the 

Personality & Soft Skills Development Programme 

for Young Engineers from Persona Academy

- beat  your competitors and MBAs hand down

The Engineering Industry in India is going to flourish in the next 30 years.  There are going to be new technologies introduced, new high-tech products launched, international companies & consultants are going to enter in an even bigger way, joint ventures/ takeovers and collaborations are going to be the norm. Your engineering skills are going to take you places.  In short, India needs a lot of managers who know their engineering well and vice versa- a lot of high tech engineers who can manage people, teams, processes, and companies.

The making of India as an Engineering KPO / engineering outsourcing hub:

This transformation has already started. After IT outsourcing, Banking outsourcing, HR process outsourcing and related call center operations, now is the turn for Engineering outsourcing. Thousands of engineering companies from USA, Europe & Middle East are outsourcing a lot of engineering activities to its Indian subsidiaries and also other Indian companies. At the moment, middle end and lower end engineering operations dominate this work domain. Soon, a lot of higher end conceptual, design and core engineering jobs will shift to India. The biggest reason is comparative costs and availability of technical talent. BUT, this area is going to require a very high level of INTERPERSONAL and COMMUNICATION skills.
As an Engineer, you have always focused on the fundamentals & principles of engineering. You have executed wonderful projects that required a lot of engineering and design skills. In fact, Engineering is a tough and difficult profession, really requiring the use of your grey matter to a substantial extent.  Unlike many white-collar professions like banking, finance, consumer marketing, HR, PR, advertising, management consulting etc; engineering has always extracted its "pound of flesh" -mental & physical during studies and during work. 

To excel as a Professional Engineer, you must not deviate from your original profession of engineering for which you have worked hard, nor can you simply depend on your engineering skills.  To become an Engineer who will impress his senior management, clients, other consultants & sell engineering ideas- you need to have very superior convincing & presentation skills. Really speaking, you need to develop a  lot of SOFT skills.  You need to impress upon a lot of senior people with your analysis of the project, sell your engineering ideas, and interact to win.  

Always you will notice that the person who is given the lead to promote the company & its products & services ( even in Engg / IT industry ) is a very good speaker/ presenter with great convincing skills, besides having adequate technical knowledge. 

Unfortunately, most engineers ( 75% ) of them, though very good in their work, lack the above skills. Just imagine, if these engineers develop all the soft skills, they will be fit for a lot of important positions at the topmost level i
n the engineering industry & even other industries. 

MBA's v/s  Engg MBAs v/s Core Engineers &  where does the future lie for an Engineer?

Despite being in a challenging & difficult profession, you have always wondered why you have been possibly paid lesser than the guy who is selling/marketing "laundry detergents and face whitening creams", who has an MBA in his kitty.  You have wondered whether you are losing out in your career or life, for not having focussed on some fundamental personality issues within you. 

Typically, MBAs have many superior skills in the above areas due to the training they receive during the 2 years they spend in MBA colleges. But keep in mind the MBA can never compete with your engineering skills. A core engineering enterprise has nothing to do with MBAs if they do not have any engineering skills. Here is where an Engineer with great soft skills takes an unbeatable lead. Engineers stand as a preferred choice for leadership roles as compared to pure MBAs, due to their engineering background, provided such engineers are equipped with soft skills.

So as Engineers, our advice is -to stick to your engineering skills to stand out in competition, but make it a point to improve your PERSONALITY, and hone your SOFT SKILLS which good Engg -MBA's ( your competitors )  have, and become unbeatable in your corporate life.

One Example where Engineers with excellent communication skills are required and how they beat MBAs

 Can an “only BBA/MBA” or an Engg MBA not having adequate exposure to technology, explain to an audience about Mobile Surveying or Aerial Surveying done using Drones/ UAVs, which is fast replacing conventional land surveying done by Total Station?

The answer is  NO! -It needs a technically sound person/ engineer to explain / present.

Our job is to make technically good personnel be very good speakers and presenters so that they can sell technologies, conduct meetings, make presentations. Such personnel will have great value in the job market.

As someone with great SOFT SKILLS, you will get a terrific lead in terms of openings in Business Development, Sales & Marketing of Engineering services- "all client handling positions"- which will always pay you higher returns.

PERSONA ACADEMY headed by an Engineer MBA with 30 years of technical -industry experience, aims to achieve in young engineers, the best of SOFT SKILLS and a well-rounded PERSONALITY.


1. No. of sessions: 16 

2. Duration of each session: 1 hour to 1 hour & 15 minutes

3. One on One Course: It is a unique  "one on one course", with 60% interaction on a one-on-one basis & 40% interaction in groups ( 8 one-on-one sessions and 6 sessions in groups )

4. Course Schedule & Timings: Course will be conducted on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays

5. Training location:  Thane ( West ) Pin 400601  ).

The training location is well equipped with Laptop & Flat Screen TV connectivity, Wi-Fi, Microphone & Speaker facility, video recording facility.

 6. Engineering issues & personality development 

 We will train you to be perfect in making presentations on Engineering matters & products related to your work in office express & discuss  technical issues, more pertaining to commercial matters, case studies on engineering issues, face & conduct mock engineering interviews, sell engineering products & services, make & present PPTs on engineering matters that you work on, conduct dummy project co-ordination meetings participate in group discussions with other engineers on engineering issues facing our nation such as the Engineers Bill and other topics  ( see  http://ceai.org.in/engineers-bill/engineering-associations/ ) register & voice protests /objections/challenge decisions in tender meetings, price negotiations etc. discuss  EPC, PMC, ARC, tenders and related methods of procurement

8.Course fees: Rs. 20,000 to Rs 25,000 per person ( 16 sessions ) for working engineers. Group discounts possible ( Max 5 persons trained together )

What  an engineering  student of the  course has to say

It was a wonderful experience doing the P.D.  for Engineers course.

Mr. Dinesh Bandiwadekar hand held and guided me through out the course . The best  part was  the individual attention that I got through out the course ( specially the  One to One sessions numbering 12 )and a lot of insights into commercial activities pertaining to the engineering industry . These activities were used as props for the individual sessions for arguments, interviews, making technical and sales presentations,  dummy meetings with clients, and for effective interpersonal relations while working with  other engineers, managers  and labour .

Dummy situations with focus  on working on a  site or a shop floor were very effectively  created by Mr. Bandiwadekar with his vast experience.

It was worth coming all the way from BITS Pilani to Thane for this 2 month course.

Mandar Chouthkanthiwar  
M.E. Student, BITS Pilani

Indian companies are in need of engineers and managers who are more than technical… who can express, communicate and lead other engineers and impress upon clients about  new  engineering ideas, solutions, products and convince to complete the commercial transaction. Its something that only core engineers can do, but they need the training for this.

Understand Yourself, Challenge Yourself, Trust Yourself,and Change Yourself

 PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT  REDEFINED - A personalised 1-on-1 approach
Emphasis on Leadership Skills, Personality Development, Soft Skills, Critical Thinking ,Career  & Office Issues and  Advanced Spoken English for working professionals

​​​Our Trainers

Get trained by experts who have  worked  at VP & GM levels and  have cumulative experience of 45 years in multiple domains.


Dinesh Bandiwadekar is an Engineer - B.E. (Hons)  from the prestigious VJTI ( Mumbai University )  ( 1985) &  MBA - from IIFT New Delhi ( 1987) and has 30 years of working experience in the private and corporate sector internationally.

He has also participated in the Engineering Leadership Program of the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL) of Rice University in Houston, TX, He also holds a certificate in Positive Psychology from the The  University of  North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

"The programmes are the need of the hour for the

Indian engineering community. I congratulate

Mr. Bandiwadekar for starting these programmes

aimed at polishing the skills of

technical personnel.  I am sure  that  not only

individuals would benefit, but engineering

organisations will  be great beneficiaries too"

Er. Atul D. Bhobe
B.E.(Hons.)Civil, (VJTI), M.S.( Structural Engg  ),

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Managing Director  TPF Engg Pvt. Ltd;

www.tpf.eu / www.tpfepl.com   

A great Engineer takes time to mature. It is a very serious and difficult profession.

 While you mature in your engineering, take this opportunity to develop all other skills that will bring your engineering skills in the limelight.