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Persona Academy Thought Leadership Club

Persona Academy after  3 & ½ years of existence and after having trained over 5 CXOs and 20 VP level candidates from various industry sectors has realized that time is of great constraint in personal development for senior management professionals. While they would like to read, analyze and discuss/debate various important topics in business related to their specific fields and in general for the economy, they have found that they do not have the time to even lay their hands on the right sources due to the paucity of time.

Every month, we will keep you abreast of all good articles and sources on business and the economy. We meet every other  Sunday in our office to debate on various topics and you can join us for personal development courses that integrate thought leadership. ( 20% of our students are senior to top management professionals ). For top management professionals, we will devise courses in thought leadership, that approximately consume 10 hours of your weekend time.

You can also subscribe to a year’s supply of excellent data and source materials that will keep you ahead of the pack, in this fiercely competitive world.

Talk to us about joining the club. A very pleasant surprise awaits you.

Write to personaacademy7@gmail.com  or speak to me on  9619545460

We already run an Infrastructure Thought Leadership Club.    Have a look at  www.civilengineeringexchange.in/iebmn-forum.html

Dinesh Bandiwadekar
Persona Skill Development Institute / Civil Engineering Exchange of India