I am Pankaj Mishra and I am a Chartered Accountant. The profession of Chartered Accountancy is known for its rigorous  & comprehensive curriculum in the domain of finance which has made it one of the most sought-after career choice. Role of a CA varies from that of an auditor to an investment banker, a fund manager, a risk assessor  /manager or a financial controller. These roles need a very high standard of technical skills as well as soft skills.  
Today's corporate world needs polished soft skills which include critical thinking, debating and negotiation techniques, presentation skills, public speaking, collaboration & influencing techniques etc.  
The CA curriculum & training provides the requisite technical expertise but one needs to develop other skills too to succeed in today's corporate world. 
I have always tried to develop these skills but I needed a good trained & experienced professional to help me. It is said that learning should never stop and I found Persona Academy on the internet & thought it suitable to enhance my skills set.  
My learning at Persona Academy has been simply a great experience & I started seeing improvement in the way I spoke at meetings or at any public speaking forum.  
Mr. Bandiwadekar had been at senior positions in the corporate world in India and abroad and his experience helped me extensively to hone my skills set. 
I would strongly recommend any Chartered Accountant and students of Chartered Accountancy to visit Persona  Academy and go through the tailor-made courses for enhancing soft skills and for developing their personalities.

Thanks to Persona Academy !!

Pankaj Mishra, ACA  


Mobile: 91-902 90 80378  

 ​​  Public Speaking /Debating / GD's 

Dinesh Bandiwadekar at a presentation in a Press Conference  in Dubai, sharing the dais with the CEO of RAK Ceramics PJSC, UAE - a US $ 1 billion sales multinational 

There is no greater honour than supporting someone's growth & evolution in life.

​​​​​​​​Personality Development


I am Amar Dalvi, and I am a Chemical Engineer working for a very reputed and well known company in Mumbai at a senior managerial level. I had a lot of issues with my personality and one of them was fear of speaking in public. By the time I had finished half the course at Persona Academy, most of my issues were resolved. One day, suddenly I was sent as a replacement speaker by my company at a  conference  on safety in Chennai. To my own surprise and my delight I spoke with great confidence  in front of 300 important delegates and received an applause at the end. I give full credit to Persona Academy for changing me so quickly.


                                        Persona Academy is a Registered Trademark of PERSONA SKILL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE 

 Head Office:  B 53 Pereira Nagar Bldg 7 CHS, Khopat, Thane (West ) PIN 400601 (Mob 9619545460 )      Branch:  Wakad, PCMC (Pune )

1000 +

We are experienced in turning around the personalities & soft skills of 1000+ candidates, out of which  600 + were working executives ranging from President, Sr. VP, VP, GM, to Managers and Executives in various functions, from large & medium-sized companies.  In addition, we have trained 100+ MBA, Engineering, Pharma, Law, Accounting and other students. 

       Advanced Spoken English 

  ​Critical Thinking 


I am Kishor Bagal. I joined Persona Academy in May 2016. I am working in the investment banking field since the past 4 years. My career growth was slow because I was shy and an  introvert at the workplace. After attending one to one lectures with Rajashree Ma’ am, I realized my drawbacks.  I  started working on those areas as per the guidance of Rajashree  Ma’am & Dinesh Sir and it  started showing positive results 

The debating sessions have helped me a lot to speak confidently in public. I have given impressive presentations to my office colleagues and received appreciation for my work from my boss after joining the course.

While doing the course, I was asked to attend an  interview at Nomura Services India Pvt Ltd.  I  consulted Rajashree Ma’am; and she  helped me a lot to prepare for interview . It resulted in my clearing  all the three rounds of the selection process and I got an  offer letter with hike of 35% on my current package and also a much better job profile. The learning at  Persona Academy  is also  helping me a lot in my day to day working. Thanks to Rajashree Ma’am and Dinesh Sir for creating a great change in me.

kishor.bagal004@gmail.com    Mobile:9892585473

Dinesh and Rajashree have been family friends for a decade now. They have an impressive knack of bringing out the best in people. Dinesh has a keen sense of marketplace requirements and trends. Rajashree has great observation and motivational skills. This is a nurturing and pragmatic duo. Together, they are able to help an individual crystallize a path towards the goal.

Dr. Uma Khanolkar, DMD

Concord, MA-  USA


Our Coaches have 50+ years of Corporate Experience in India and abroad.

Testimonial from a Specialist -  Senior Chartered Accountant from Mumbai -                           Senior Management Leadership Training 

Extremely unique and effective On-Line training techniques.

Ask for actual recordings. 

Do watch this one hour discussion for youngsters and students on career planning, personality development, soft skills development, methods for improving spoken English Skills, and many other aspects of working & business, held through a ZOOM meeting hosted by Anand VIshwa Gurukal. Sharda Education Society, Thane W.

Aishwarya Kolte, one of our star students. Aishwarya became the Secretary of the Rotaract Club of Dombivli - Rainbow at the age of 23 , just  a year after she finished our Intermediate course. A year later she became the President. Hailing from a typical middle class family from a far flung central suburb, she worked on her personality and achieved what people achieve much later in life. Currently works at a well known KPO as a Team Lead. Hats off to her determination.


I am Damini Choudhari.  I joined Persona Academy in May 2016. It was a life changing experience for me.  I have realized my full potential and have developed terrific confidence. The personalized training did all the wonders. A lot of effort was made for me and is made for all the students. When I completed the course, I was selected as the main  Anchor for the student festival of my college in Thane.  I also was selected to intern with SAAM Marathi channel as Anchor. Recently I have acted in 2 Marathi serials- "Anjali'' on Zee Yuva and ''Choti Malkin'' on Star Pravah.  My heartfelt thanks to my mentors- Dinesh Sir & Rajashree Ma'am.  Rajashree Ma'am is like another Mom for me.  



"Do you have a fear of presenting in an office meeting?"

"Have you been passed over for promotion because you could not communicate well in English?"

" Did you miss out on a job because you did not have enough confidence in facing the interview committee?"

"Were you eliminated from a competitive Group Discussion because you could not make your point?"

"Do you think that your personality lacks in leadership skills?"

"Do you feel left out during social interactions & social events due to some inborn faulty inhibitions?"

"Do you tend to avoid people or avoid talking to them?"

"Did you want to tell your boss that  he is wrong, or he is not treating your properly,  or is taking a bad decision, but you could not ?"

"Do you feel that since you went to a vernacular medium in school, you are losing out?"

 We assure you that after our course you will never have the above problems in life...........                                         


I am Afaque Usman Katil, working as a design engineer in a well known company in U.A.E., manufacturing state-of-the-art armored  vehicles for various armies around the world . I traveled to Thane  for the specialized course in "Persona for Engineers'', and it was a great experience for me to learn many aspects of personality development and soft skills, presentation skills,  group discussions and debating in a very effective manner.  

I also learned to coordinate meetings like kick-off meetings, engage in arguments and negotiations, compere office programmes, and present to teams of clients- all with the unique techniques Mr. Dinesh has skillfully developed from his personal experiences.

I highly recommend this course to all engineers and also others who wish to improve their personalities, soft skills and critical thinking in an accelerated mode of learning. The skills that I learned are highly effective in the modern office environment, specially for engineers aiming at top techno-managerial positions.

Er. Afaque Usman Katil ( Abu Dhabi -UAE )

Here's what another old acquaintance has to say.....  

"I know Mr. Dinesh since 2000 (  for more than 15 years  ).We worked in the same company in the UAE, where I was a production ceramist in a large manufacturing plant producing ceramic & porcelain tiles. I was doing well for myself, but one day Mr. Dinesh, after interacting with me for a few months  & knowing my problems at work & after gauging my personal skills, advised me seriously to move into sales & marketing. I did that soon, and that advise has proved so beneficial to me that now I am at the top position ( General Manager ) in a large multinational group in the Sultanate of Oman in just about 10 years of joining the company. The career advise was fantastic and it came at a right time for me. Mr. Dinesh has a great knack for understanding a person very quickly and his advise for your  career enhancement is just fantastic"

Ramesh Jayapal 

GM ( Zubair Group )-Sultanate of Oman

Mobile: + 968 9911 0564




With H.H. Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, an Emirate of the U.A.E., before a presentation.

Testimonial from a Director of an American Multinational -Senior Management Leadership Training 

 PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT  REDEFINED - A personalised 1-on-1 approach
Emphasis on Leadership Skills, Personality Development, Soft Skills, Critical Thinking ,Career  & Office Issues and  Advanced Spoken English for working professionals


I am Aishwarya Kolte. I joined Persona Academy in April 2016 and that was perhaps the best thing I did in my life. It has changed me a lot inside out, and  from being a  shy & introverted girl into someone who can now participate in several social activities and can easily address a gathering of people. The confidence gained by me, thanks to Dinesh Sir & Rajashree Ma'am,  made me contest and win the post of Secretary for the year 2016-17 of the Rotaract Club of Dombivli Industrial Area -Rainbow. My heartfelt thanks to my mentors. 


   Our Founders & Trainers 


I am Ankit Agarwal from Kalyan. I hail from  a  struggling  middle class family and my father works as a salesman  in a shop. When I & my father first met Dinesh Sir and Rajashree Ma’am after finishing my B.Com , I never thought that Persona Academy will bring a huge change in my life in just about 2 months.

All through my school and college days, I struggled to speak in English, and couldn’t make friends with those who spoke good English.  I always kept away from an English speaking crowd. Not only I had great problems with the language, but I had a number of inhibitions . I also wondered what my future will be.

Within 2 months time of joining Persona Academy, that was history. I not only overcame all my problems, but I got 3 jobs within 2 months of joining the course , all in multinational BPO/ bank related voice processes. I took a job finally in a very well known ITES company. Out of 43 persons I was the only one to be shortlisted for a final round. For me Rajashree Ma’am and Dinesh Sir are the most wonderful people on earth.  They did a number of exercises on a 1 on 1 basis and in groups  to change my personality, improve my soft skills and of course my English.

​Thank You Sir & Ma'am. I am most grateful to you. 

Ankit Agarwal
Mob: 8888 663781   agarwalankit436@gmail.com  

​Now we have complete ONLINE courses too! We train overseas learners as well.

​Soft Skills Training  

​​​Presentation Skills

Testimonial from a Specialist -  Core Engineer from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

       Testimonial from a Surgeon


I am Dr. Shraddha Kode - Kharkhanis, a dentist by profession, now practicing in Thane.

Till I completed my BDS, I was a shy person with a lot of stage fear, fear of speaking in public and fear of group discussions. My  first memory of public speaking is that of a “shloka competition” in school wherein I ran away to escape from the stage. Next, in my  elocution competition I just rushed through my topic. That fear was inbuilt in me for long. Even during graduation days -though I did well in academics-  when it came to clearing the viva’s, I used to be left with no words to express myself. After my graduation, I decided to go to Persona Academy. That day onwards, my life has changed. It has brought about a revolutionary change in my life. Ma'am and Sir found out where I lack and decided to work on it.


All thanks to Persona Academy that I now participate in competitions without anybody forcing me into it ! Immediately after my course, I have participated in a number of medical conferences where I have presented to audiences.

 Kshraa24@gmail.com   Mobile:  9773752150 

    Our Corporate experience of 35+ years internationally to guide your journey in Personality Development

Dinesh & Rajashree Bandiwadekar are veterans from  the Corporate Sector with more than 50 years of cumulative senior management & international experience . 

I want to tell every young person who is interested in developing his or her personality,  to simply enrol  in  Dinesh Sir & Rajashree Ma’am’s Persona Academy. They can work wonders on anyone.  I am highly indebted to them for helping me get confirmation in my job after excelling in a grilling  interview by my employers  ( a multinational BPO )  . Sir & Ma'am  improved  my spoken English Skills, Interview Skills, GD skills & Presentation Skills  tremendously in a short time. I saw a huge change in myself in just 1-2 months and I made an impressive presentation to my bosses and colleagues in office, very soon after joining the course.  Today I am a confirmed employee of a large BPO and I can speak well,  excel in interpersonal relations and I can handle any client worldwide, or any office situation confidently……and believe me, I am from a vernacular (medium) school. 

Hemant Koli
( Mobile number can be requested ).

Hi, I am Dr. Mayur Shingade originally from Kalyan. I am MDS, and a Maxillofacial Surgeon
currently working in the Maldives. I underwent the 15 hours course in Personality Development with emphasis on Public Speaking from Persona Academy- Dinesh Sir, at his Thane location.

Without any doubt, I can say that Dinesh Bandiwadekar is a super coach, and he has got me ready with full confidence for any form of public speaking like Presentations, Crucial Meetings, Speeches, Programme Hosting/ Compering from a Medical perspective and even from a social perspective.

In this 1-on-1 programme, we did a number of exercises to improve both the content & delivery  and the language as well. Dinesh Sir uses very unique and effective methods to create real time work/ social situations that one may face in life, for improving people in a short time and building confidence.

Persona Academy has a very evolved programme in personality development / public speaking/ soft skills , all based on Dinesh Sir’s personal experience of 30+ years in the corporate sector in India and overseas. I recommend his training to all

professionals who want to excel in this  crucial area of life.

Understand Yourself, Challenge Yourself, Trust Yourself,and Change Yourself

We will develop in you

-Leadership Skills

-Critical Thinking & Expression Ability

-High Levels of Confidence

-Interpersonal Skills

-Positive Thinking

-High Self Esteem

-High level of Assertiveness

-Networking Skills

-Group Discussion Skills

-Interview Skills

-Ability to handle office politics

-Ability to face difficult people

-Ability to tackle career issues

Here's what an old acquaintance has to say.....  

"I am Fanny Alcocer Nunez, now settled in  Rome, Italy. I worked with Dinesh for more than 6 years in RAK Ceramics UAE, where I was the Chief Architect & Designer, and I directly reported to him when he was the AGM / GM (Marketing) . 

He could be one of the best guys that I ever worked with in my career spanning 30 years within Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. He knit a fantastic team of managers, staff & workers and we executed many deadline oriented projects in several countries including high profile, large sized exhibitions in the ceramic industry. I found  his leadership skills, communication skills and his ability to get diverse people from different nationalities to work together   
amazing !  Knowing his abilities, I am  not at all surprised  that he has been

so successful in running such an


All the best to Persona Academy !"

Fanny Alcocer Nunez

Rome, Italy

Mob: + 39 338 580 2595