PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT  REDEFINED - A personalised 1-on-1 approach
Emphasis on Leadership Skills, Personality Development, Soft Skills, Critical Thinking ,Career  & Office Issues and  Advanced Spoken English for working professionals


Solving your personality & soft skills issues. Click on image to listen to  Dinesh Bandiwadekar

Persona Academy was founded on the belief that every person can excel in most aspects of personality development provided he is trained well. 


Over the past four years, we have helped more than 1000 individuals to improve their Overall personality, English Speaking ability, Confidence level, Public Speaking Skills, Corporate Skills, Critical Thinking ability and some other skills.  Our students have gone out into the world and succeeded in jobs, business and in social circles. 

          There is no greater honour than supporting someone’s growth and evolution in life.

Who are the Trainers?  What is their background?

Our leadership perspectives 

Our Coaches have 50+ years of Corporate Experience in India and abroad.

"I am a Chartered Accountant with 12 years of experience. I am DGM in a large business conglomerate & I was directing 20 people....but I never had  the confidence of  being the BOSS. Dinesh Sir & Rajashree Ma'am changed all that . Today I am confident, well spoken, bold and I make my point very effectively. My staff has started respecting me a lot".

CA Ashwini Rane, Thane

                                   Summary: What do we believe in after our  joint  working  experience of 45 years

  • If you are a very confident, capable  & dynamic personality, you do not need special gadgets/ automobiles to enhance your image.  

          Inner confidence and self-esteem are what matters.

  • Personality is “in and out”. You should not exhibit a fake persona to others and while you are a different person inside. We will change you from inside and that will reflect you on the outside to others.
  • A strong personality is at peace with himself/ herself.
  • Fancy academic qualifications do not make a great personality. A great personality is a combination of many qualities and things put together. Even academically less qualified people can make a great personality with a lot of other virtues.
  • Intelligence is to be measured not by your IQ or academic endeavors or mathematical skills or scientific knowledge, but by many other aspects.
  • We believe that a leader has to be made, trained and delivered, and leadership skills is one of the most important things in life
  • You do not have to be an IIT-IIM graduate to be the CEO of a great company. Just some good qualifications with tremendous leadership skills is more than sufficient.
  • Style, English speaking skills/ fluency and accent, looks and being fashionable is just one small aspect of your personality. A great personality is something much beyond that.

Extremely unique and effective On-Line training techniques.

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​Now we have complete ONLINE courses too! We train overseas learners as well.

18 +
We appreciate the requests from a number of parents to enroll their school /college going children in our programme. However due to the depth & serious nature of our programme we take on candidates who are at least 18 years of age and/or who are in the final year of the degree programme or have completed any Diploma.  This is essential as a certain level of maturity is needed to appreciate & benefit from the programme.

Understand Yourself, Challenge Yourself, Trust Yourself,and Change Yourself

DInesh Bandiwadekar's ​​​​​​BLOG

" I am highly indebted to Dinesh Sir & Rajashree Ma'am for their invaluable guidance in developing my personality, specially my confidence and my ability to deal with difficult situations in life. A year since I did my training with them, I have taken every opportunity to be noticed, speak & perform in front of people."

Romit Takle, Thane ( Engineering Student )

 We will train you in :

  • Building your Confidence,
  • Assertiveness Training, 
  • English Speaking,
  • Communication Skills,
  • Article Analysis and Critical Thinking
  • Vocabulary Building,
  • Public speaking,
  • Making Presentations,
  • Presenting PowerPoints 
  • Talking with a Microphone in Hand,
  • Group Discussions,
  • Case Study discussion,
  • Body Language,
  • Impromptu speaking,
  • Prepared Speeches,
  • Accent Neutralisation,
  • Interview skills,
  • Debating, 
  • Facing stressful situations in office/ social circles,
  • Mock Job interviews,
  • Self-introduction,
  • Introduction of team members/ bosses,
  • Speaking at farewell functions,
  • Conducting meetings,
  • Co-ordinating programmes,
  • Introducing chief guests at a function,
  • Speaking at office events,
  • Paying tributes/ condolences,
  • Speaking at office parties,
  • Proposing vote of thanks, etc.


Dinesh Bandiwadekar worked as  GM ( Marketing ) of RAK Ceramics PJSC  in UAE ( Dubai & RAK ) for 10 years. ( Global sales in 2010: USD 1 Billion. )  He also worked as  Asst Vice President( Marketing ) in RAK Ceramics India Pvt Ltd.  Besides that he has worked in Mumbai at V.P. level positions in Pidilite Industries Ltd; TPF Group ( of Europe, and a few other MNCs, after starting his career as a G.E.T. in Tata Electric Companies. 

He is an Engineer - B.E. (Hons)  from the prestigious VJTI ( Mumbai University )  ( 1985) &  MBA - from IIFT New Delhi ( 1987) and has 30 years of working experience in the private and corporate sector internationally.  

He has also participated in the Engineering Leadership Program of the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL) of Rice University in Houston, TX, USA and holds certificates in Personal Leadership Development Planning and Leading High Performing Teams,  Relationship Management, and Self Awareness and the Effective Leader.

Back in 1988, he was offered a Ph.D. research position in Developmental Planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

He also holds a certificate in POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY  from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ( UNC ) in the USA. He also holds a certificate in PSYCHOLOGY AT WORK from the University of  Western Australia at Perth and a certificate in PERSONALITY TYPES AT WORK from the University of Florida.

He also holds a certificate in ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students from the State University of New York ( SUNY ) and the University of Buffalo in the U.S.A. 

He also holds a certificate in English for Career Development from the University of Pennsylvania  ( UPenn ), USA.

He has topmost scores in international English testing exams:  653 ( 99 % ) in TOEFL( 1991) & Bands 8's & 9's scores in IELTS ( 2004 ). He has written for over 20 international magazines, and also for the Times of India on multiple occasions. He has been a contributor to the American Marketing Association's  ( AMA ) journal - The Marketing Educator. He also worked as a Hon. Consulting Editor of the ARAB CONSTRUCTION WORLD magazine published from Lebanon from 2001-2003. He was also a member of the Construction Writers Association of Illinois, USA.  During his college days, he compered/produced programmes on All India Radio ( AIR).

In 2002, he was invited to write an article on "'Dubai- An International Hub for Building products" for a special publication "CONSTRUCTION FOCUS"  from a UK based publishing house on Dubai's then Crown Prince H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The publication highlighted Dubai's construction industry and infrastructure.

He is highly experienced in situations where results matter a lot and where the competition is cutthroat and where a high level of interpersonal skills are required.  He has also attended several self-development training courses and has traveled to over 30 countries on business assignments. Handling office politics is an issue of great concern to him and he attempts to understand and master the current situations of his clients. 

Rajashree Bandiwadekar has worked at various managerial level positions in State Bank of India for 12 years in India. She has also worked in the UAE ( Dubai ) at the National Bank of Umm Al Quwain as Manager- Credit. She has interacted with top-level bankers and finance executives during her 15 years of working experience. 

She is a B.Com from the University of Bombay ( 1987 ) ( Podar College, Matunga ) &  a  Cost Accountant ( AICWA) ( now  ACMA)  by qualifications.

She has trained a number of working professionals and students in all aspects of Personality Development, Critical Thinking, Soft Skills, and English Speaking Skills.

Jointly they bring to the table 45 years of high-level managerial working experience in the corporate business sector which helps students tremendously.