STEP 1: Go to

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STEP 2: Go to : Multimedia Case on Sanitation – ADBI E-Learning (

STEP 3:listen to the full movie - a wonderful movie with a great meaningful initiatives described and explained about its working 


a) Identify 10 important points that you feel are worth mentioning  including the objective of the described programme, key takeaways and conclusion

b) Roughly draft a summary in short or make bullet points. Do not write in detail. Use it to construct your talk.

c) Describe the film in 4 to 5 minutes. Record a clip ( video/ only audio ), preferably standing.

d) Send to coach on his email ID / whats app 

STEP 5: THE EXERCISE L3-2 ( This one is for seniors / senior engineers ) 

Go to the following links: ( note - the links may not open if you are not registered/ logged in ) 

i) Introduction to Asian Development Bank Strategy 2030 – ADBI E-Learning (

ii) Water and Sanitation Sustainable Development Goals – ADBI E-Learning (

a1) Describe the entire subject covered above ( all 3 clips/ presentations )in minimum 10 minutes at a stretch in your own words. Record  your clip ( video/ only audio ), preferably standing .

b1) Send to coach after you think you have done your best.

                         If you do all the lessons, you will get a certificate from ADBI about the course completion. It is a great service that they are providing in e-learning about developmental issues.

Training Modules


L3- LW & P:/ N14 ( developmental banking)

Higher level PSDT & Communication skill exercise L3

What will you gain from this module

Listening/ watching a superb presentation from a wonderful presenter. He has made such a complex topic easy and interesting. This is a practical and real time presentation about a very innovative subject with a lot of research. Great language/ vocabulary/ presentation style / confidence.

Understand a lot of deep thinking about an developmental issue 

See a wonderful film presented on a topic that is not so sought after and considered uninteresting.

Making a presentation in private about a hi-level topic. Drill / practice it till you are satisfied.

Gain confidence after talking about a new subject matter.

Engineers gain knowledge about developmental issues.

Thank You ADB/ ADBI !  

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