Our Brand Ambassador is Dr. Gayatri Patankar, a leading anesthesiologist from Thane

Dr. Gayatri Patankar was very recently in the news for saving the life of a 44 year old man  amidst an extremely  challenging situation at Mumbai’s CST Airport. The patient had a massive cardiac arrest late at night  and Dr. Patankar who was passing by, revived him with a great effort from her side on an emergency basis.  

She is our idea of a  perfect personality and is a role model for all of us. She has all the virtues of  a  great human being first, besides being a very competent professional doctor as well. Apart from this, she is an amazing long distance cyclist, a great host, a great wife and a doting mother of a teenager, a great person to interact with and also a  Harley Davidson biker !  Having interacted with her for a long time and knowing her fine personality, we are extremely happy that she has accepted our request to be our Brand Ambassador.

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You can reach her at drgayatripatankar@gmail.com 

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Dinesh and Rajashree have been family friends for a decade now. They have an impressive knack of bringing out the best in people. Dinesh has a keen sense of marketplace requirements and trends. Rajashree has great observation and motivational skills. This is a nurturing and pragmatic duo. Together, they are able to help an individual crystallize a path towards the goal.

Dr. Uma Khanolkar, DMD

Concord, MA-  USA

Here is what another Doctor has to say 

Understand Yourself, Challenge Yourself, Trust Yourself,and Change Yourself

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Our Coaches have 50+ years of Corporate Experience in India and abroad.

What Dr. Gayatri Patankar has to say about us

“ I know Dinesh & Rajashree Bandiwadekar personally as wonderful coaches and human beings and they put in their 100% effort on any candidate they take up. My son has trained with them and I have recommended many others to  improve their personalities at Persona Academy.  I strongly recommend their training in Personality Development, Soft Skills and Human Engineering”.